Why PastCart:

There are so many things which are not costly and are less valuable to the current owners but still carries memories and the feel  of the era in which they were the charms of everyone’s heart. To revive that era and to keep them as a collectible, the ideas of Antique bookstore evolved. The ideas are not only to get it sold or purchased but the thought behind launching his platform is to preserve the identity of the belongings.

Also today people hardly get appreciation for their hard works and efforts to create a collectibles such as paintings, macramé etc and lose their interest with time. In order to give the recognition to individual artists and the inventor, this platform provides them a unique platform to get recognized and is paid for their works. The only things needed to register themselves as a seller and display their products and gets a handsome value.

Earlier people had to visit place to place to collect the items that they feel would feed their thirsty soul but now they can buy those products on few clicks sitting back at home.

How PastCart is different than other E-Commerce Platform:-

The PastCart believes in sharing the values and prospects with its privileged buyers and sellers. It will work on profit sharing Model with its sellers in which the 50 percent of all earning will be distributed as a bonus among its sellers/Vendors to make them feel as a partner in the business.

Since the Antique item does not have any quantified value, it will work closely with the seller to put a logical price for their products so that buyers can get their products on genuine rates.

This platform will also provide a unique barter system to its Seller/Vendors to exchange their products with each other by paying a exchange fees which would be charged to provide the insurance for the collectibles.


So, Welcome to PastCart and become a part of Community which believes in sharing the privileges among its stakeholders.

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